Tuesday 27th January 2015

by admin

You might have probably had of the myth that sex is not ideal for active fighters. The reality on the other hand shows that sexual satisfaction can greatly improve performance. To be a good fighter you need to know how to lick and eat her pussy like a sex-god!! Make her cry for more. What joy could you get other that sexy compliment from your girl that you are the best ever? The thing is get it right and you will probably end up showing the right performance in the ring that night. Getting her satisfied is what makes fighter/boxer needs to fulfill his sexuality as a man. The ego and motivation you get is big, it gives you the nerve to take down any challenger you come across a anytime.

Fighter/boxer needs to fulfil his sexuality and the other main reason why this is crucial is because it releases tension and on the other hand it increases focus. Can you imagine that moment a fighter/boxer receives a nasty punch on the face? It is a disgusting as a true fan and a supporter. Fulfill your sexual needs today and see as yourself get the eyes sharp as those of an eagle. This has been tested and it has been observed that your body produces hormones which makes you relieved of your stress thought patterns.

It has also been found out that after sexual encounter the fighter/boxer tends to produce more testosterone. This increases the aggression of the fighter and more energy is pumped into the muscles in preparation of demanding tasks in this case boxing requires maximum focus. Just imagine if you were able to throw those blows and with absolute accuracy lands on the face of your opponent like a thunder. Surely, that gives you a sense of achievement and motivation to attack more and more.

A boxer/fighter who satisfies his sexual needs automatically gets a boost to his psychological performance. This way the fighter is prepared to face the any obstacle that is there to be encountered on the way. Take a moment when a fighter or a boxer meets a competitor two time bigger, you can already imagine the panic that can cripple in such situations. Psychological boost is therefore the one important thing a fighter/boxer can have at his disposal. This has been connected to the fact that your body is prepared to effectively deal with possible harsh encounters that come your way.

Finally, as a boxer/fighter the other basic reason as to why you have this is it gives you the taste of fun. It something that you will fight to retain as much as you can. Imagine the energy you will give when you see your girl right ahead of you and for you to be proud of that ego you cherish so much you have to give your best. The fighter/boxer needs to fulfill his sexuality reason is you get everything right and you stay focused to achieve your goal whenever you are provoked in any situation you find yourself as a boxer. You can make it happen today.


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