Boxing is an extremely tough game. This therefore calls for a good and healthy diets for the fighters. They need to eat well to maintain their muscles, energy and their level of endurance to remain on top of the game. The boxing game is so prohibitive for players especially on matters of weight. The boxers needs diets which helps them maintain their weight as they train and during the game so as to improve their level of performance. The recommended ratios of particular foods are very crucial for providing the nutritional requirements of the boxers.


Carbohydrates are an important nutrients for the fighters. They provide power and strength to the boxers as well as helping them to maintain their weight. They also release the energy bit by bit for a sustained period of time. Carbohydrates also help to increase the stamina during training and fights. Boxing is an aerobic activity and requires boxers to maintain their energy levels. Foods rich in carbohydrates include bread, yams, beans, fruits, and oats. A boxer’s diet should be made of 55% Carbohydrates.


These are nutrients which help in repairing tissues and muscles. They help in growing the muscles and are also a source of secondary energy. Fights may be so intense that boxers experience tears during and after the game. Proteins are very crucial for boxers and should constitute 35 % of their diets. Foods like chicken, eggs, milk, and beef are good sources of protein.


Boxers need little fat to maintain their internal body functions. Essential fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6 produce a hormone which helps the body to maintain its working order to the optimum level. Sea foods and cod liver oil are a good source of omega fat. Dieticians recommend 15% fat intake to boxers so as to also maintain their weight as excessive consumption can cause the undesired weight gain.


Strenuous sports like boxing can easy lead to dehydration. Water helps to re-energize the body and stay healthy. Boxers are strongly advised to take at least 8 glasses of water every day and even more during training and fights.

Fried foods, saturated fats, fast foods and fizzy drinks are discouraged due to their high fat and sugary content. Boxers are also advised to eat smaller meals rich in starch as they get close to fighting. A lot of water should be taken during the fight breaks. After the fight, boxers should eat food which help to regain the lost energy and to repair the teared muscles. They are advised to eat 6 meals daily at regular intervals.


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