So it’s the perfect time to get down to serious business in bed? Would you like to add a baby into the family? Perfect. This article will absolutely elaborate ways to do it, especially if you have problems here and there concerning your overall sperm count. Whenever your semen production is low, it can result in several unwanted problems. Such problems include decreased fertility, less sexual satisfaction, and weaker orgasms for both you and your partner as well.

Though these changes are really frustrating, the situation can certainly be rectified by making easy lifestyle changes such as doing some vibrant exercises and always staying hydrated. Fortunately enough, there have been several researches concerning credible ways to boost the sperm count through boxing training. Apparently, Boxing training helps you increase seminal fluid. However, knowing where to start and following through can indeed get you to a more ultimate ending. Here is the reason why Boxing training helps you to enhance your overall seminal fluid production. Take a look:

Boxing helps you lose extra pounds

Several studies depict that couple in which the man is obese or overweight and the woman is of a normal weight take longer to conceive compared to couples with no weight problems. Actually, being obese or overweight has serious impacts to a man’s sperm quality. It reduces the man’s sperm counts and hence decreasing their ability to swim, as well as increasing the damage to the DNA in a sperm.

Obese guys are more likely to have very low sperm counts or lack of viable sperms. These problems make it harder for a man to father a child. However, when you take part in boxing training extra pounds are lost and you definitely get back to normal weight. Thus, after a serious boxing training you can be active in bed and be able to father a child without much hassle.

Get health conditions under control

Well, boxing training is everything. It helps to manage any chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and even high blood pressure. Effective management of these conditions improves a man’s chances of getting a woman pregnant.

In addition, rigorous boxing activity improves prostrate sizes. Remember, enlarged prostrate could have a negative influence when it comes to fertility. Boxing exercises gets the prostrate in its proper shape. Hence, a man can ejaculate more and increase the amount of seminal fluid he produces, and be more active in bed.

Boxing exercises help a man to avoid age-related fertility changes

Usually, men have a ticking biological clock. They tend to experience seminal fluid declines later in life than a woman does. In men above 50 years, there is a drastic decline in the testosterone levels, which can have a serious impact in seminal fluid levels.

Moreover, as a man gets older, there’s a falloff in the number of healthy sperm and the general movement of sperms during intercourse. Some older men can have more DNA damage in their sperm. These changes could certainly mean that it takes longer for a couple to have a baby.

Boxing exercises could absolutely help a man to avoid these fertility changes. When you take part in a constructive boxing activity, you’ll definitely not get older very easily. Since you’ll get back to the form, you’ll avoid any imminent risks of genetic abnormalities in the sperms. Therefore, you’ll be able to increase the seminal fluid.

Boxing is a healthy lifestyle

Usually, negative lifestyles such as heavy drinking or smoking may have negative consequences for men. In reality, it reduces seminal fluid and hence results in infertility.

However, when you take part in healthy lifestyle choices such as boxing exercises, you’ll surely not have time for other negative lifestyles. Indeed, you’ll be only focusing on constructive activities; those that can build rather than destroy. Therefore, your sperm count will not be at risk compared to those guys that are more exposed to negative lifestyle choices. Accordingly, your overall seminal production will be high enough to satisfy a woman and to conceive a baby.


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